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Lucinda House 

Online Support for Women In Recovery
Lucinda is a supportive house in the Community, offering a semi-structured programme in an alcohol and drug free environment.  Lucinda caters for Women who have primary addictions to alcohol and/or other drugs and are coming from a detoxification unit, rehabilitation programme,  or are in a recovery programme, and seek  relapse prevention.


Addiction  DiscussionsNurses In Recovery
Recovery Works Resource Center

Dedicated to helping people recover from all forms of addiction, including drug addiction, alcoholism, codependency, ACA, ACoA through Jesus Christ and 12 Step  Groups.( A friend of mine in Recovery's page)



Ken Mercer and Jeff Pike's concept CD and production "Let Go-The Miracle Of Recovery

Anne was called the "Mother of A.A." and one of its founders by Bill W. Her journal records in astonishing detail exactly what was being studied and shared with AAs and their families from the earliest moments of 1933 until the Big Book was published in 1939. She was the wife of Dr. Bob and was legendary with newcomers. She also was the "forgotten woman" of A.A.