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Cook Forest AA  
get together
 May 17, 18 & 19 2002
All family & friends 


  Ok here is a list of who is going, as far as I know. If you are not on this list and want on  PLEASE tell me, I get bits and pieces from people and I really am not sure. We are all about in the same area, except a few, who I pray we run into. I hope to try and meet you all, if not at where you are staying, then at Serenity Rock for Big Meeting Saturday 2:00pm. NOTE: it is best to get there early around 1ish. It is a climb and It is VERY CROWED> so if you are driving  good luck finding a place to park if you come late LOL ( ALSO bring a blanket, pad or small folding chair if you want to sit, It is about a 3 hours)

tlevans & Angel, ds, inkyvon & hubby, tara, Puggie, botbot, truk, rlboyle, JE, Billaskin, Tjhawks, Ohio & girlfriend, moldman ,petster, Realgurl, Naymeister, Jan, Sandy & hubby,LT25 & wife, Eagle & V, Leo, Greed,  juju, noinu, lioness, deedee, chicagoshadow, hoochiecoohie, lisaj, rock,  harmonson & hubby, bluevelvet & guy, lefty44502, Larry, david,  emt, , gina ,deb,   zazzin....

As for the necessities to bring, Towels, (bath and kitchen)  health & beauty supplies, Coffee * filters/tea/soda/water,what ever you plan on drinking. Boom box (If you like music.) Food, snacks, cameras, 
get together with who you are staying with and find out what you can offer to bring. If you bring it , 
it is cheaper!!! there is a little store
has all the essentials if you happen to forget or run low.
 There's also a little gift shop attached . Last Year we all went out to eat dinner, NOT sure if we will be doing this again. There are places to go out to eat!!! Bring Marshmallows for those who like to toast
 them around fire, MATCHES a must if U making a fire ( unless u r a girl scout OR boy scout & can rub 2 sticks together)   

Here is the list of places people will be staying at 
Cook Forest Top Hill Cabins 
Evergreen Cabins
Ridge Campgrounds
Laural Oaks Cabins

As for the rest of the time there It is UP to you!! I know I will be starting a meeting around a campfire somewhere and I asked tjhawks to have one ( he agreed to ) I will or  by word of mouth get to  you, to let you know. I also know Zazzin will be having a campfire meeting sat night at 8:00. I lost yahell invite so I need to find out her campsite #. Also at MacBeths they have a Big Board where they posts AA meetings.Any thing else you need answers to feel free to ask me, if I know the answer I will be more then happy to tell you , or find out.
Happy Trails and God Bless