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                  In Memory     
"James L. McLean"


Well here I am making another page for a very dear friend who passed away.. ONLY this time I knew him pretty well, so it saddens me to do but I know in doing this page it will help me and others to Let Go and Remember (James) Fast_104 / akaprez for the great man he was.
As I sit here reminiscing in my mind, 3 years ago when I first meet akaprez in FOBW Chat, he was a quiet man, of small print. I use to hug him , as I hug all ( or try to) and he always reply  back with a ty ds for your kindness or just smile at me and thank me for noticing him. I would tell him to go BOLD LOL a term in chat meaning make your colors darker he he I have a little trouble seeing lightness .But that's where my friendship with him started. He was in the hospital at the time, so he had a laptop he used to keep him company. I was just coming back to the rooms of AA and prez would talk (type) to me in pm and try to help me with what ever major crisis I was having ( in the early days everything is !! LOL ) We soon stated talking on the phone and that's when I learned his Biker name "Smooth" I loved it and I love Bikes/bikers the whole 100 yards LOL . SO as you see for me James, Jim, akaprez, "smooth", fast_104 I will truly miss him. I had a feeling this past few weeks something was wrong, ya know that deep gut feeling, well now I know and He is Finally at Peace.
I remember him telling me on one occasion,  that he was tired, had enough wanted out...that the Bikers World was  taking its toll on him, 
but when he told me that was his life, I understood. God, I will miss you !
I know for a fact a lot people from FOBW chat will miss you.
 This year at Cooks  I will be letting go of him and saying my good-byes . I will also do the same with our good friend wheee123. I am taking there pics with me and Letting them go up on Serenity Rock. Last year I said good- bye to my dear sweet friend biggestbiker, God rest his soul. So as the saying goes for this is not the end, only a beginning for him, He will live on in our hearts and memories forever, I know he will always be in my heart. God Bless    ds



James L. McLean
McLean, James L. Veteran U.S. Marine Corp. with service in Vietnam, 27 years of dedicated service with the Chicago Police Dept., working Tactical Officer the Narcotics Division. Retired from 25th District. Beloved father of Erika, John (Kimm), Daniel and the late James A.K.A. Jamie, dearest grandfather of Pam and Kaitlin McLean, fond brother of Bill, Barb Rollins, Cheri Bott and Judy Bernreautec. Visitation Tuesday, 3 to 9 p.m., and Wednesday, 1 to 9 p.m. Services Thursday, 11 a.m., at the Theis-Gorski Funeral Home, Daniel J. Cepa Funeral Director, 3517-27 N. Pulaski Rd. Interment Irving Park Cemetery. Founding member of American Knights, and Probationary member of the Fugarwe Tribe Motorcycle Club. Info: 773-588-8802 Visit Guest Book at

Published in the Chicago Sun-Times on 3/31/2002.                 

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