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Guest Book for
James L. McLean

this  page is from "James"_ Fast's, guest book online, but after April 30th it will be gone,
 so I decided to post  it here . He was truly Loved and admired


What a wonderful man, i never got to meet Jim in person but the time that we spent talking i felt as though we had, May you rest in peace and god bless you until we meet. Ride on Jim. you will always have a special place in my heart..............tlevens2000

What a guy! The world is a better place because he was here. He knew me as abbra4591. We spoke of our experience strength and hope. I will
miss him.

fast_104, you are gone but not forgotten. I know that you are in a good place because you have such a good heart. I will miss you, momntry_lapse_of_reason

I met Fast104 in the FOBW chat room a little over a year ago, I was shocked to hear he passed on to the BIG Meeting in the sky,EH. He had a great sense of humour and honour and will be truly missed in our chat world. Prayers to the Maclean family. And to Fast's grandchildren,
 always know that Grandpa Fast will be your guardian angel if YOU ask Him to be.(mine is) God Bless.
......Ron H


My thoughts and prayers are with you in your difficult times.....Sweetie_Jacaranda

I loved James aka Fast_104 he was a protective kinna guy in my life.MAY HE REST IN PEACE  AND FOREVER RIDE .........Tears_of_hope

there are lots of things to say about jim but the thing that is most speacial is how he listened to be when my mother was dying. he was sick while this was going on and i never knew. he never complained, he just gave...avalon966

My sympathy to the family of James (aka Fast) Was a fellow chatter in Friends of Bill W Room in Yahoo...YOU WILL BE AMIGO..viva_fidel_castro_1959

Your silent ways spoke volumes,you touched a part of my soul. If I thought of all the lessons you taught me, then maybe I would be whole. I know you now believe in, more then you can see,I know you will have a mint on your pillow, and heavens bestest Harley! Love ya Smooth...bbeckyy31 

You will be missed especially by me...... thendaragirl

Fast will be missed. I was always able to go to him for advise. I will miss his wry sense of humor and kind words. He was a great guy. David Greifer 

I will miss his banter   .....   waffles1953 

I just was getting to know Jim , and what little I knew of him I liked. He'll be missed by many , but he leaves us all with a little of him. He may have had a tough exterior , but his heart was of gold , and it showed at the right time. God has a winner in his neighborhood now.   Mr_lucky48047

my condolences to fasts family. he was a good pal...made me laugh many times...and I am sad to see him go. but surely we shall meet again  
 pink savage 

Fast!!! We have so many dinners to cook and eat together still!!(Well, you were gonna cook and I was gonna eat! LOL) I will miss our friendship, remember up there... odaat! :-X...   Redravenmad 

I am shocked and saddened to hear of Jim's passing. He had a great heart under the gruff exterior. I know he loved his family very much and doted on his grandchildren. I was fortunate in getting to meet Jim a few times outside of the online chat rooms. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends. He will be dearly missed......  deedees_spot

My deepest sympathy to the family of fast. He was a fellow chatter in Friends of Bill W and he will be missed....   angela_lockwood

I always enjoyed Fast. He knew his way around a kitchen table....  bill askin 

Fast was a really great guy. I only knew him from chat, but always enjoyed his company on the net. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Jim. Prayers and blessings...  naymeister_61 

I enjoyed talking to Fast in our chat room. He will be missed. God bless him and all of his family and friends. Love, Carrie...  

knew "fast" on the FOBW yahoo room. Sorry to hear the news..   lowman 

Hey fast I am sure u r with God and am happy u r pain free I am gonna miss ur friend hugs in the room God speed thanx for bein my friend..  
 teacherspet  aka petster2u


I will Miss you my dear friend, Fast, akaprez, and As I called him when we talked "Smooth"..."I can hear the Roar of your Harley haulin in the sky and I know you are finally at Peace." I will Miss you my friend But will always carry the specialness you shared with me. Thanks Bro for sharing!! God Bless! My deepest sympathy to the Mcclean Family and his little grandaughter!! ( he will always be with you)..   ds9090 aka ds_avalon 

F.O.B.W will not be the same without you:x ..  Mistic Mystyque 

I knew James as "Fast_104 in Friends of Bill W chat room. He was a lovely kind person and made me laugh so much. He loved to cook and often shared his culinary secrets with me. He always listened if I needed a friend. He loved his family and spoke highly of everyone. I will miss him dearly. He was a good person and I loved him a lot.  My prayers to his family at this time of sorrow.    Barb 

going to miss you fast we had many a talk my prayers to the Mclean family    serenity0795

I'll miss my "big brother" so very much. I always felt safe with Jim. He looked after me for "Big Bob" (Invader) my deceased husband is what he said. I hope he and Bob are ridin the big road trip together. My deepest sympathy to the Mcclean Family. He never stopped talking about his granddaughter!   jenny10

fastman gonna miss ya. loved ya lots and had good times with ya. i know your ridin that harley in the sky...think i mighta saw ya up there today ;)....thanx for knowing me ... greedy1 


My sympathy to James's family. I Only knew "fast" from internet chat but enjoyed our contacts & am saddened and diminished by his passing. I regret not getting to meet him "face to face".    happycycler 

James was a wonderful person. He had a hard exterior and a wonderful loving heart. He loved his grandchildren and loved to brag about them. He thoroughly enjoyed his motorcycle and loved talking about the places he had been. He was a wonderful friend to me and many others. I can't begin to express how sad I am to have learned about his death.    daylynn25

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.   Gwen D. 

I am very saddened to learn of James' death, he was a friend of mine and for that I will be forever grateful.   Rhonda S.


harley reving........