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Letting Go

At first I resented it when my friends in the
program told me to be God or let God.
                                           ~Myrna K.

Who consciously decided to play God? Not me. Not you.
But many of us have a terrible time
letting God run the world.
No matter how much we resolve not to,
we take responsibility for things we can't control.
That's what playing God is, and that's what a lot of us
have practiced for a long, long time.
Playing God is not only hard work;
it's also a good way to ruin relationships.
People just don't like to be around would be,
mortal "gods" whose clay feet are all too visible.
Our good intentions don't make people
feel less defensive about us.

Letting go isn't easy.
Especially if we confuse letting go with not caring.
Of course we care.
But that does not and must not mean we are responsible.
Can we care enough to let others make their own mistakes,
earn their own victories,
and take responsibility for their own lives?
Not to do so, no matter how we may feel about it,
breeds dependency in both them and us.
We must care enough to let them be.

* * *

Today, I will be aware that "doing for" someone else is also
"doing to" him or her.
from "Days of Healing Days of Joy"


 the song playing is Amazing Grace

This is a hard one for me sometimes.
                          Although I have a HP in my life today,                           
Some times Letting Go and Letting God
 is not all that easy.
I pray for the Strength and
Courage for this day.
 I Pray for "YOU" as well.
ds  2/18/2002