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  Theses sites  are NOT a joke!! I am so grateful to see them on the internet. That there are others who also suffer from this damn God awful disease. Self abuse has been a silent disease for ever! and is just being recognized as a disease.
It is a day to day thing in my life.
 I use the Serenity prayer and the 12 steps to help me One Day At A Time. I have been clean of cutting for 4 years now... Thank God!!!
 If you have a site about Self injury and would like to post it on this page.. please sign my guest book and I will be more then happy to post it.

May God Be With You All

Self Harm Support



Behind the Laughter

this page is about SI (self injury), getting help and controlling the urge to Self Injure. also about me, my friends and my personal struggle with self injury.


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