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                     Hi this is another part of me I would like to share with you all. 
My dad is a big train buff.   He has had trains since before I came along and
 We have had a train set up in our house ( when I was a kid) all the time.
 I didn't know it till later in life how much I enjoyed them.
 I love watching them and when I go visit my dad he always has a set up.
 He builds layouts. ( click to see layout) I remember ,jeepers when I was very young he had  a 
train layout that went all the way around our basement. 
                                        He is currently working on N-Scale . My dad has shared his love of trains                                       
 with me and  I think it is great!! ( I also think and know Today he is great!!)
 I just recently went on a Train ride... there's  nothing like it.
        I went on an  old- time steam-powered train.
 Called "Steam on The Susquehanna "
out of Susquehanna & Western Tech.& Historic Society Hawthorne NJ.
 IT was wonderful. I plan on going on more and taking my dad with me
on the next one in  10/2002
 I am dedicating this site to my dad  "Joseph Maag"( I love you so much thank you)
for always being there for me and never losing faith in me!

I hope you enjoy your visit and
 please come back often as I plan on adding more info and pictures.


I went on the Fall Train ride 
steam locomotive #142 on the New York Susquehanna & Western Railway.
What a beautiful ride it was. We went up to Historic Bairds Farm
 in Beautiful Warwick New York.
click on link to visit there site .

Photos of Worldwide Steam Locos, 1955 to Present Day

Steam Locomotives
and Other Railroad Images


Here is a place my dad took me and my 2 sons when thy were little.
 I plan on making another trip to see it. It is beautiful. Well worth the car ride to see it

This is a MUST SEE.. has a lot stuff plus pictures

WOW here is a great site.. I been glued to it all morning. It has a lot info and a live cam!!!!!

Museums and Tourist RR's

The National
Toy Train Museum

300 Paradise Lane
Strasburg, PA 17579

 B & O Railroad Museum       
Located at 901 West Pratt Street in Baltimore, MD

The Big South Fork Scenic Railway
The Big South Fork Scenic Railway operates over the historic trackage of the Kentucky
 and Tennessee Railway and is situated in the heart of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.


Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

(Iowa Railroad Historical Society)
225-10th Street, P.O. Box 603
Boone, IA 50036

We provide a complete line of model railroading supplies here on the internet.

All About Toy Trains  -
 offering hard to find trains.