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May we have a Moment of Silence for a  Special Friend of ours who passed away on Monday March 25, 2002 ...Gary, know in chat as WHEEE123. He will be Greatly Missed by all who knew him.
 I did not know him personally, just in passing in the room of FOBW. He was a quiet one as I saw it, but I always gave him a hug and asked how  he was doing. This is for
you Gary- even though you are no longer here, those of us from FOBW Chat Room  will never forget you. Your Spirit lives on!
That chat room can be out of hand at times....but we come together when  the time is needed. WE will truly Miss our friend Gary and his kind words of Wisdom. Please remember him in Your Prayers. Special Prayers go out to his Family and his little baby gurl. God Bless her!!!


This FOBW Chat Room is more to me then just a joke!! I know for a lot others too. We come here in Hopes we can find a friend or two, who understand what we our selves are going through. I know for me, I have found a Second Family and All of You are Very Special to me in your own way. And I think it is wonderful how we can come together when another is in need of help. Shows me I am not alone and that this room is NOT A JOKE!!... I want to Thank Linda ( Tears) for the picture of Gary's little gurl and the News Clipping.   ( Which was sent to me by another friend for that chat room). SO for all who read this I hope you Understand better what that room is about. LOVE & FRIENDSHIP ( Family).
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Story last updated at 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, March 26, 2002

KC man dies in wreck
The Examiner

A Kansas City man died from his injuries after a head-on collision on 23rd Street about 8 a.m. Monday.

Gary R. Hagemann, 30, was driving east on 23rd Street in a 1992 Chevrolet Tracker. Witnesses told police he lost control of the vehicle on an icy railroad overpass west of Liberty Street. Excessive speed was not listed as a cause of the accident.

Hagemann crossed the center line and struck a 1988 GMC truck in the westbound lane. Hagemann was taken to Independence Regional Health Center with critical injuries. He was later pronounced dead. It was unknown whether Hagemann was wearing a seat belt.

The driver of the truck, who was wearing a seat belt, suffered only minor injuries. No charges are expected.

Police said Hagemann was on his way to work in Independence but did not know where he was employed.

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3/27/02 ds_avalon
Life is to short
So I Thank God
"One Day At A Time"